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Teknik Mudah Agar Anak Rajin Belajar

Teach children to study hard is actually easy. Apply the technique approaches that fit with the character of children's learning. Starting from the adjustment of the conditions, stages, until the child feel comfortable and find a fun atmosphere for learning.
In the book Making It Easy to Learn Children Diligently Kok, Ari Ambarwati describes various methods so that children study hard. One of them is to set an example to children, because by example, is much more effective than advised. For example, how to teach children to love reading.
It is said that a friend complained about her son who is hard to be invited to read. In fact, he had bought many books that even the handpicked by the child. However, when I got home, these books are not touched at all. When his mother read the story, they listened for a moment, then more fun playing and watching his favorite cartoons.
Then, they discussed at length until he come to his house. At that time, just read why his kids were watching TV more than reading. It turns out, is set in such a comfortable TV room. There is a comfortable sofa and 42 inch LCD TV complete with a pounding audio. If I may say, almost like a mini cinema room (home theater). Meanwhile, there was a reading was in the room.
In addition, books ordered actually nice on the shelf of the bedroom. It was recorded in the children's heads that there is no effective reading and reading. Looks good book it is still good, because it is rarely opened and read. His friend was admitted, he subscribed to the newspaper, but only briefly and rarely read books. He also forbade his children to read in the TV room, for books and reading them will be scattered in such a way that makes the TV room look cluttered.
Furthermore, he gave advice to put the shelves of books, magazines, and newspapers in every corner of the TV room and let the kids flipping through and reading a book at the venue. His friend began to read books, favorite magazines, and newspapers in the TV room.

Her children are also allowed to read books in the TV room. No longer afraid of the TV room is a mess. The children began to be trained to select TV shows that she really likes and is committed to not turning on the TV all the time. In just over a month, the children find fun with books and reading them.
This shows, reading interests in children can be conditioned. They need only exemplary of the parents. When reading a necessity, learning is no longer an obligation, but pleasure! Evidently, the real action is far more effective than a series of words.
Thus the story that is poured Ari Ambarwati in books published this Library Ladder. Through a simple effort, children can study hard if done right.
What about other conditions? And, how to recognize the character of children's learning? Find out more in this book. You will get the framework simple, practical, and appropriately so that children study hard.

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